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Mohamed at his desk.jpg

Mohamed at his desk

Mohamed scanning at the photocopier.jpg

Mohamed scanning at the photocopier

Mohamed using the scanning card.jpg

Mohamed using the scanning card

Meet Mohamed El-Mikatti. He is 32, he is on the Autistic Spectrum and has a visual impairment. He has been working for the local council in a part-time, paid administration role undertaking filing, shredding and other paper-based tasks for several years now. He loves structure and routine in his job.

Lots of changes had begun to occur with his department in 2016 with the introduction of new and improved technology, together with changes around not keeping paper-based information anymore. As staff had no real knowledge and understanding of Mohamed’s capabilities, other than what he had been used to doing up until this point, his parents and work staff asked for support from the WIN team to see what IT skills he could learn and develop. These learned skills could be then applied in the work place with new additional tasks for him to expand his skills even more with additional job tasks.

Geraldine from the WIN team supported Mohamed and sourced a free local IT drop in session that ran each week near to his home. She supported him getting there and also explained to the IT tutor what skills would be great for him to learn, so that he could then transfer these skills in to the work place.

In these IT sessions he learned how to set up an email, send and receive one and write a paragraph of information using complete sentences, together with accurate grammar, punctuation and spelling.

Once he had gained his confidence with this, Geraldine then went in to his work place in December 2016 and supported staff for the day around what job tasks they could give him, and with the right support and adaptive training that was right for Mohamed to understand and then apply. He was taught new IT skills on how to use a new plastic fob for using on a new scanner, scanning documents, sending scanned documents to his email, opening his emails, working on a work database to input information accurately that he had scanned and checked the details were correct before saving them on his computer.

His specialist 1-2-1 training in work has enabled him to build up his confidence and verbally express himself more too. He now is able to tell his parents that he really enjoys work and he says that, ‘doing scanning makes him feel like the other members of staff that do scanning!’ His mum has also mentioned that he doesn’t normally tell her about work so he must be enjoying it! How amazing is that and in such a short period of time too?

It just goes to show that with WIN’s support with identifying the best approach for Mohamed, and with the right structured support and training working as a team, Mohamed has clearly shown that he can learn new skills, he remembers them well and is able to apply them in his job now! How does it get any better than that?

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Page last reviewed 13/01/2020
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