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Joan seated.jpg

Joan exercising in her seat

Joan standing up and stretching over chair

Joan standing up and stretching over chair

Joan twisting on chair standing up.jpg

Joan twisting on chair standing up

Meet Joan Russell, a lovely 91 year young lady, who is virtually blind. She has a small amount of vision in one eye. She requested support from the WIN team in February 2016 to join a low impact exercise group near to where she lives in Offerton, Stockport, to help support her improve her flexibility. She has been struggling with getting around on foot, especially walking up the stairs and she had been used to using a stair lift at home for ease.

Geraldine from the WIN team suggested a Seated Yoga group to try at Offerton Community Centre, which she was happy to engage in. Geraldine also asked Joan what adjustments would be suitable for her. She required support with getting to the session and with having someone there for the first session to help her be introduced to the group that would help build up her confidence. She also suggested that if she sat to the right of the instructor, she would be able to hear and see her better, especially with watching the moves and support with getting there safely, together with being supported by a WIN team member on her first session. Geraldine then rang through to the centre and spoke to the organizer and instructor around these reasonable adjustments and everything was set up for Joan to start the following week!

Within half an hour she had soon settled in and she had built up her confidence and was enjoying joining in with the group.

Geraldine saw Joan again in the same group in late November 2016, whilst supporting another new client in to the same activity. Joan mentioned that she still loves the session and that she no longer needs to use her stair lift at home, as her flexibility has improved dramatically and her ham strings have strengthened. She even joked and asked the adaptations team to remove the stair lift as she no longer uses it, although it is still in place for her if required! She is a very inspirational lady that isn’t limited by age or a visual impairment!


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