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Thursday Night Social

Posted 23 May 2017

The Thursday Night Social is a club designed by and for young people aged 16-25 in Stockport who have a disability or learning difficulty. The aim from the start was to involve potential clubs members in getting the project off the ground and give us an idea of what they wanted to get involved in. We conducted 3 planning sessions and got a clear message that a sport, art and cooking were something that they wanted to do.

We looked at what the potential members wanted socially and there were no surprises that they wanted to meet new people and make new friends whilst being able to get out of the house and have fun.

The Thursday Night Social is now 12 months old and as part of the Wellbeing Independence Network (WIN) has been a great success. We now have 15 regular members and new people pop in all the time. As well as having a good time, members have been able to work on and improve their confidence levels and communication skills.

We have been able to secure funding for the next 12 months so we all excited about being able to continue the great work over the course of the next year.

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